Axios: Populist Small-Dollar Donors Steer ‘Modern’ GOP as Corporate Class Fades

A recent Axios report detailed an interview with numerous anonymous GOP operatives which concluded that the “modern Republican” Party is scrapping its establishment ties and corporate special interests in favor of others who hope to steer the party’s future into a more populist brand.

The report by the outlet focused on fourteen of the Republican Party’s top consultants and operatives around the country sitting down to anonymously detail their views on who influenced the most control over the GOP before and after the Trump era. Many of the consultants opined that this influence underwent a radical shift, switching from the likes of interest groups such as The Koch Network, the US Chamber of Commerce, and others towards fulfilling the interests of others like pro-populist small-dollars donors, Breitbart readers, and Tucker Carlson viewers.

Breibart noted that GOP influence over the Chamber “while financially still tied, [has] faded dramatically in recent election years.”

“If the U.S. Chamber of Commerce calls you and says ‘we want to endorse,’ You’re like, ‘please don’t,'” a high-profile GOP political consultant told Axios.

The report also touched on what the GOP operatives reportedly considered to be the more ‘modern’ influences of the party.

“You don’t want Breitbart on your ass,” a GOP operative told Axios.

“That’s why, when Tucker does a segment on you, why it’s Code Red, Ted Cruz goes on his show the very next day begging for forgiveness,” another operate said. “I don’t think I’ve seen a more influential cable news anchor on the right. I think that even includes Bill O’Reilly in his heyday. I don’t think Bill O’Reilly ever had the effect on Republican voters that Tucker has.”

Patrick Witt, a Republican running in Georgia’s 10th congressional district, told Breitbart News that the aftermentioned shift marks a “recognition that beltway conservatives hide behind free-market ideology while supporting anti-free market practices.” The political candidate pointed out big tech as a strong example.

“Those are not free markets. Those are monopolies.”

Another notable conservative who shared comments with Breitbart on the matter is J.D. Vance, the New York Times best-selling author now running for Senate in Ohio. Vance believes the party’s shift comes as beltway conservative orthodoxy has been busted through by the likes of Trump, Breitbart News, and Carlson.

“We all owe Donald Trump a great deal for singlehandedly destroying the corrupt globalist and corporatist orthodoxies that previously defined the Republican Party, in favor of a new Republican Party, that is pro-worker and always puts America first,” Vance told Breitbart News.

Breibart further noted that this “shift seeks to increasingly align Republican lawmakers and those running for office with the nation’s largest voting bloc: economic populists who are socially conservative.”

(Chart via Navigator Research)

The piece by Axios also notably stated that “… none of the operatives we interviewed considered Koch support to be important in 2022.”

Their report can be found in full by clicking here.

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