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Baby Trump Balloon in Britain: Much Ado About Nothing



EPIC FAIL!! With all the hype over the “Trump Baby” balloon being flown in London for the “Dump Trump” protest, many expected to see the balloon towering over buildings, but those gathered to see the balloon inflate were extremely UNDERWHELMED.

The 20-foot tall balloon depicting an angry and diaper-clad President Trump was erected outside of the House of Commons and tethered a little over 30-feet in the air over Parliament Square for the duration of only two hours. When the balloon was inflated it was mocked by demonstrators over its small size. This “larger-than-life” balloon was more like an oversized beach ball than what anyone would consider a “blimp.”

The balloon was only allowed to tether in place for two hours, as described in the Sadiq Khan approved permit.  After it was deflated, a few dozen demonstrators blew it back up and carried it with them throughout the march. 

What’s funny is that although the balloon was airborne for right at two hours, President Trump wasn’t even in London to see it in person. Way to go demonstrators! Way to think things through. Trump is sure to run across photos of the balloon, but he is too busy fixing the mistakes of his predecessors to be bothered with this failure of a publicity stunt.

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Trump is known for doing everything BIG–make that YUGE! This weak attempt to insult President Trump is less than impressive to someone who has always been larger-than-life. You can bet if Trump had been on the design committee for such a stunt he would have rolled out a balloon so large that it could be seen from outer space.

Conservative Mid Sussex Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames was less than thrilled about the balloon, (especially since it was hovering near the statue of his late grandfather, Sir Winston Churchill), and described it as “utterly pathetic, pointless and graceless.”

Equally unimpressed were Twitter users, who compared the “blimp” to a party balloon.

A counter-campaign to have a “Khan Baby” Balloon was headed up by Yanny Bruere, a law student from the United Kingdom.


Several media outlets, including the BBC, have reported a “large scale protest” in support for the Trump Baby balloon, but the reality is much different. There were only a few dozen demonstrators surrounding the inflation of the balloon, not thousands as had been reported.





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