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BACKLASH: Largest Protest of Its Kind in Michigan History Occurs Outside of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Mansion

The anti-quarantine protesters made history.



A group of over 100 protesters gathered outside of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s taxpayer-funded mansion on Thursday as the next phase of the resistance commenced against her lockdown tyranny following last week’s successful “Operation Gridlock,” which sparked copycat protests across the country.

Set up by liberty activist and attorney Nicholas Somberg, West Michigan Politics journalist Brandon Hall, and Rob Cortis of the Trump Unity Bridge, the organizers rallied people to engage in civil disobedience against Whitmer’s overreaching orders outside of her own home.

Big League Politics reported earlier this month that individuals are now subject to a $1,000 fine if they stand within six feet of another individual and are reported to authorities. Whitmer has also effectively banned gardening services, selling seeds, motorboating, and most private business in the state while still allowing the sale of marijuana, liquor and lottery tickets. The gross hypocrisy and inanity of her edicts has sparked an unprecedented resistance.

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Somberg trolled Whitmer by bringing an “assault weedwacker” outside of her property and doing “illegal” landscaping while and daring the state to send a misdemeanor violation to his law firm.

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“It is a crime, it’s a misdemeanor to do the lawn to do any landscaping of any property that is not your own, but we come here and see her property is already done.” Attorney Nicholas Somberg said in a video posted on Facebook. “If you are a landscaper, a hard worker with a business or a family keeping food on the table, and you did what I just did, you’re a criminal and you get to get locked up.”

“The fact that I am a medical professional and not allowed to offer my services to the people of Michigan is an outrage. Hospitals are supposedly overflowing and slammed, but I am kept from helping my fellow man,” said Pete Trzos, who was made into a felon for opening a medical marijuana dispensary arbitrarily deemed unlawful by the state.

“I can’t even get in touch with Whitmer’s office. I can’t get a hold of a secretary, or an intern. She clearly has no regard for the people of Michigan. She thinks we are peasants, and she is using this crisis to crack down on our freedoms, not to help people,” he added.

The protest went on despite the whines of the RINOs in the state, including Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey. Shirkey is a member of the cowardly caucus of Republican state legislators who essentially signed over absolute power to Whitmer earlier this month.

“Don’t protest at homes,” Shirkey wrote. “Even the public Governor’s residence. It is indeed public property. But the adjacent properties and neighborhood are not.”

Despite Shirkey’s reticence, law enforcement reported that the protest was lawful and orderly, with the vast majority of protesters abiding by social distancing guidelines. There were no problems caused to the community by the protesters.

Michigan State Police First Lt. Darren Green told the Detroit News that he noticed “some familiar faces” from last week’s rally and said that protesters were “polite” and for the most part did “a really good job of doing social distancing.” Protesters greeted law enforcement at the event and told them that they stood by them during this trying time.

“Today, we sent an unequivocal message to Gretchen Whitmer: Open Michigan NOW! The Wolverine Queen’s taxpayer-funded castle is fair game,” Hall wrote.

Overall, the demonstration dubbed “Operation Queens Castle” was a smashing success. It was the biggest rally of its kind in Michigan history, with no protest at the governor’s doorstep of this magnitude ever taking place before Thursday. The next big protest is expected to take place on Thursday, Apr. 30 in Lansing at the State Capitol.


‘F**k the Blue’: Pro-Trump Patriots Turn on Cops Protecting ANTIFA in Oregon

Cops can be their own worst enemies sometimes.



A group of Trump supporters chanted “f**k the blue” and stomped on thin blue line flags in Oregon after the cops protected ANTIFA terrorists and brutalized the patriots.

Independent journalists Ford Fischer and Brendan Gutenschwager captured the scenes on video where the cops shamefully abdicated their duty to the Bill of Rights and Constitution:

The Proud Boys and other patriotic Trump supporters, who were formerly the nation’s last line of defense in favor of law enforcement, are figuring out that cops will follow virtually any orders to get their fat pension checks.

Law enforcement have enforced COVID lockdown tyranny while largely turning a blind eye to Black Lives Matter thuggery in recent months. Conservatives are beginning to notice and become increasing enraged at the betrayal.

Disgraceful scenes emerged from BLM riots where police genuflected to the new American ruling class of looters, arsonists, communists and anti-white bigots:

The enforcement of COVID-19 edicts has resulted in some of the most unconscionable police abuses in history:

Police have actually enforced the vote steal in Michigan, aiding the coup against the Bill of Rights and Constitution with much-needed muscle, as Big League Politics has reported:

Pro-Trump electors were blocked from entering the Michigan capitol building this afternoon, with GOP leadership working with reviled Governor Gretchen Whitmer to block them from the chamber.

Even though at least one Michigan lawmaker – state representative Matthew Maddock of Milford – arrived to accompany the pro-Trump electors, their civil rights were violated and they were kept out of the chamber by state police anyway.

Earlier in the day, Republican leaders in the Michigan legislature made it clear that they were gung ho about enforcing the vote steal and doing the dirty work of Gov. Whitmer.

Republican house speaker Lee Chatfield of Levering issued a groveling, obsequious letter of submission stating that he opposes all efforts to draft pro-Trump electors.

Sources from inside the Michigan legislature have confirmed that it was in fact Republican leadership who deprived the pro-Trump electors of their rights and colluded with Democrats to enforce the steal.

It seems that law enforcement is as corrupt and destructive as any other institutional power sector in America. It is time for patriotic cops to stand up and start a movement to refuse to comply with all unlawful marxist orders.

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