Balitmore Ravens Fans Want Ray Lewis Statue Removed

Baltimore Ravens, Facebook

A petition to remove a statue of Ray Lewis outside of M&T Bank stadium in Baltimore has surpassed 59,000 signatures, past its goal of 35,000. Ray Lewis, widely recognized as the face and savior of the constant crime afflicted city of Baltimore, is under heavy scrutiny for kneeling with the rest of the Baltimore Ravens in their game in England on Sunday. Ray Lewis retired on top of the world when he went out in style with a Super Bowl victory in his last season with the Baltimore Ravens and it was the 2nd of his career. The tables have turned mightily against Lewis now because of his decision to get on his knees during our national anthem but stand for England’s “God Save the Queen.” This petition is addressed to owner Steve Biscotti, who risks losing many fans. Social media has showed many fans burning jerseys, memorabilia and even season tickets over the kneeling and disrespect shown to our nation’s flag and anthem. RELATED: Angry Jaguars Fan Desecrates Team Gear.

Ray Lewis was critical of Colin Kaepernick telling him to ” keep quiet about social activism ” earlier this year. Lewis should have taken some of his own advice when being out on a world stage, representing not only the NFL but our country when he took the field in pregame ceremonies in England on Sunday.

Lewis is now trying to back track and explain himself saying, “I took 2 knees because I have a First Amendment right just like everybody else, and when I came out of that locker room I had a choice to make…I look at my fellow players, I look at these young guys, I’m not in the protest business I’m not into this whatever Donald Trump wanna say, I’m not into that mess, but if these young boys doing what they doing, then I got to meet them where they are.”

Lewis also tried to claim that he was praying, not kneeling, during the anthem, saying that he wanted to “simply honor God in the midst of chaos.”

This is all backlash from the strong comment made by President Trump, calling any player who kneeled during the anthem a “Son of a bitch” who should be fired. All NFL teams came out in some kind of sign of solidarity on Sunday, arm in arm and even with participation from owners. If all the social justice warriors who are fighting to remove statues of our Founding Fathers who created our nation, the removal of a statue of someone who disrespects our flag and anthem shouldn’t require a second thought. NFL owners better move swiftly and in favor of their fan base who even has subsidized most of their stadiums or this can be the beginning of the end of America’s most popular professional sport.

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