Baltimore’s Population Plummets as the City Becomes Dysfunctional

ZeroHedge recently reported on the dire state of Baltimore.

The city’s population fell below 600,000, as it is rocked by “record homicides, an opioid crisis, and now an economic depression risks sending the city deeper into chaos.”

The Baltimore Sun, cited new U.S. Census data released on March 26, 2020, which estimated that Baltimore’s population was 593,490 as of July 2019.

ZeroHedge provided some context to Baltimore’s imploding demographics:

To give you some perspective on the collapsing population trend in Baltimore. In 1950, the city had 950,000 residents. Now it has 593,490, which is a loss of 356,510 people, or about 37.5% of the entire population in seven decades.

“White flight”, the crack epidemic of the 1980s/1990s, and a complete mismanagement of the city, have led to its notable decline. As a result, many have fled the city altogether or have gone to Baltimore County and other surrounding counties.

Michael Rendall, the director of the Maryland Population Research Center and a sociology professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, said in the aftermath 2015 Baltimore Riots, no other counties surrounding the city witnessed a decline in the population.

The city’s plunging population, Rendall stated, “is not a phenomenon reflective of the overall metropolitan area.”

During the last year, Baltimore City saw 8,953 people leave the city, which is 1.5 percent of its population.

Putting this in perspective, when Democratic Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was in office in 2014, the city had over 623,000 residents. In other words, the city has lost about 5% of its population in five years.

Ever since the riots, Baltimore’s economic growth has stagnated, homicides have been on the rise, and opioids have wreaked havoc on low-income neighborhoods. In 2019, Baltimore’s homicide rate

Given the shocking realities of its high crime, it’s shocking the city hasn’t even bothered to pass legislation that would help citizens arm themselves against the very real threat of criminals.

It also doesn’t help that the city has embraced many of the wacky criminal justice reforms which empower criminals, while law-abiding citizens are at the mercy of society’s most depraved.

Baltimore is Exhibit A of a failed city.

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