Banana Republic Democracy: Democrat Bill to Make Illegal Alien Voting Easier Than Ever

In what seems to be straight out of a Third World Kleptocracy, Democrats are launching a concerted to push through S.2093 into becoming law, a move that critics argue will make election rigging all the easier for Democrats through a variety of channels. According to The Epoch Times, the 1984esque bill titled the “For The People Act 2021” has been touted by Democrats as streamlining the process for “eligible voters” to participate in representative democracy. It would appear that definitions of eligibility are differing ever more substantially between the two sides of the political spectrum.

Republicans have been putting up a significant fight (so far) against making it easier for Democrat constituencies to outvote traditional Americans. Senator Rafael “Ted” Cruz of Texas was responsible for blocking Senate Democrats’ efforts to pull S.2093 out of committee right before the August recess. Senator Cruz also brought the issue to the Senate floor, saying that “It would strike down virtually every reasonable voter integrity law in the country, including voter ID laws … [and] prohibitions on ballot harvesting … [both of which are] supported by the overwhelming majority of this country.”, apparently forgetting that Democrats do not have a consistent track record of caring what the citizenry think of them as long as they get to wield political power.

Non-partisan think tank Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) also weighed in on the situation, seeing as it is their area of genuine expertise. The Government Relations Manager at FAIR, Preston Huennekens, described S.2093 as “a deeply flawed piece of legislation”, also saying that  “On immigration alone, it prohibits the prosecution of any illegal alien under Federal or State law if that alien illegally registered to vote or voted in elections. [It] leaves no room for doubt—this bill shields and excuses fraudulent voting by illegal aliens.”.

Indeed, while there are no explicit provisions in the bill allowing illegal aliens the ability to vote, some have argued that certain provisions make such an affair easier and consequently more likely to occur with increased frequency. One of the most dubious of these provisions seems to be the automatic voter registration clause. The reason being is that the bill allows for information sharing amongst government agencies in order to produce a shortlist of people to automatically register as voters. For example, if an illegal alien with a fraudulent Social Security number appears in the system, he/she may very well be automatically registered. Moreover, there are explicitly no legal consequences for the illegal alien should this mistake be discovered later on.

To make matters worse, this bill would also allow same-day voter registration without the need to present state-issued identification. In many cases, showing a student ID will constitute satisfactory verification, which many universities give to illegal aliens. Then again, many states already go as far as to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Regarding Senator Cruz’s efforts to thwart the Democrats attempt at dissolving the nation and electing a new one, Huennekens said that “Senator Cruz’s warning that this bill would allow illegal aliens to vote is not far off of the mark. While the legislation itself does not specifically grant illegal aliens the right to vote, it prevents any enforcement taken against those who do. In this way, Section 1014 of the bill [by shielding illegal voters from penalties] is a de facto acceptance and endorsement of illegal voting.”.

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