Based Elon Musk Says That ‘Bureaucrats Who Stole Our Liberty Should Be Tarred, Feathered’

Tech pioneer Elon Musk is leading the charge against government officials who are shutting down the economy and destroying civilization because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He doubled down on his opposition to quarantine policies in a response to Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy’s coronavirus rant, claiming that ordinary citizens should do to their government officials what the Founding Fathers did to theirs.

Portnoy’s video has gone viral because he is expressing concerns that are being felt by ordinary Americans, many of whom have lost their life’s work due to the ongoing shutdown.

“When did this become ‘Flatten the curve’ to ‘We have to find a cure or everyone’s going to die?'” Portnoy said in the social media video.

“You gotta give these people a choice. If you told me because of corona, I lost Barstool. I had to go get a 9-to-5 and start f****** over, I’d rather die of corona, seriously, or at least take my chances. I’m not saying everybody would do that. I would,” he added.

“There are no great options,” Portnoy said, “but you can’t just decimate the entire economy.

The worst economic conditions since the Great Depression are likely to occur due to the government’s mismanagement of the pandemic:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted on Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic will result in the worst recession since the Great Depression, even surpassing the economic turmoil of the late 2000s. They expect a contraction of the world economy by 3 percent whereas the economy only contracted 0.7 percent in 2009.

“The Great Lockdown, as one might call it, is projected to shrink global growth dramatically,” said IMF economic counselor Gita Gopinath in the fund’s 2020 World Economic Outlook. “Much worse growth outcomes are possible and maybe even likely.”

If the virus subsides over the second half of the year, the IMF expects economic growth to pick back up. They anticipate 5.8 percent growth in 2021 as a projected recovery takes hold aided by stimulus funds and money printing. This is only speculation, as certain experts predict that the coronavirus shut down could last many months. The IMF notes the “extreme uncertainty” of the situation while making their predictions.

“Many countries face a multi-layered crisis comprising a health shock, domestic economic disruptions, plummeting external demand, capital flow reversals, and a collapse in commodity prices,” the fund’s outlook states. “Risks of a worse outcome predominate.”

Musk and Portnoy may have to lead the pitchfork-and-torch brigade to save the global economy from power-tripping bureaucrats who have no regard for the people.

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