BASED Gun Shop Billboard Takes Aim at the ‘Squad’ on Behalf of the Deplorables

Cherokee Guns, a Murphy, NC gun shop, has caused quite a stir by posting a large billboard criticizing the so-called “Squad” of far-left minority legislators, calling the socialist ladies “idiots” for their anti-American stances on issues such as firearms freedom.

The billboard refers to Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) as the “four horsemen.” It says they have “cometh” with that word crossed out and replaced with “are idiots.” The billboard concludes with “Signed, the Deplorables.”

Cherokee Guns has triggered many snowflakes already as a result of their billboard, including the anti-2nd Amendment Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. They called the billboard “violent” despite the fact that it contains no threatening language whatsoever.

“Disgusting anti-government violent rhetoric from Cherokee Guns in North Carolina,” the coalition’s said in a Facebook post on Monday. “Threats against members of Congress, particularly minority members are (rising) and it is driven by the president’s racial rhetoric.”

But others on Facebook appreciated the defiant message of Cherokee Guns, as Trump-loving Americans refuse to bend the knee to the liberal agenda hostile to the U.S. Constitution.

“Freedom of speech,” Denise Piccoli Patterson wrote. “The truth always hurts.”

Wade Nordby wrote: “I shared. THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U. We The People have been quiet for way too long!!!!”

“The WORLD LOVES TRUMP!” exclaimed Aimee Wilkes. “Your little tag team group of cry babies better get used to losing…”

“This is great. Don’t mind the haters, they’re just doing what they do best,” wrote Jamaal R. Porter.

Emboldened by the controversy, Cherokee Guns is doubling down on their message and reveling in the attention caused by their patriotic, pro-Trump billboard. They posted a follow-up message on social media imploring all “Infidels for Trump” to come by the storefront to get a bumper sticker version of the billboard provided they pledge their support for Trump and eat a piece of bacon in the store.

Cherokee Guns refuses to be intimidated by any liberal control freaks wetting themselves over their provocative billboard that is being called racist by fake news outlets. The owner has given explicit instructions to staff members to deal with angry, intolerant liberals who may show up.

“Show them the door, or your gun, and tell them they can buy their own billboard and pay for it like I did,” an employee said regarding how they will react to liberal snowflakes if they show up at the gun shop.

A previous Cherokee Guns billboard featured a muscle-clad Donald Trump flexing in front of an American flag making hay of the Russian collusion hoax: “No collusion. No obstruction. Just guns!!!” Their ad campaigns are undoubtedly successful at garnering publicity, and may soon become the norm at gun shops across the country.

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