BASED: RFK Jr. Calls for Finishing the Construction of the Border Wall

Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants the government to finish the construction of the border wall at the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

What changed RFK Jr.’s mind was a trip he took to the southern border in Arizona. In that instance, he recognized that former President Donald Trump had the right instincts about erecting a wall at the southern border.  

“I went down to the border feeling that Trump has made a mistake on the wall, but I feel like people need to be able to recalibrate their worldview when they’re confronted with evidence,” he said to a crowd of over 300 individuals on August 3, 2023 at the premiere of Midnight at the Border, his premier.

At this event, a news reporter at a press conference that followed the documentary premiere asked RFK Jr. if rumors that a Trump-Kennedy presidential ticket in 2024 had any validity, Kennedy poured cold water on the prospect of this transpartisan presidential ticket.

“In my experience, a lot of the stuff that you read in the mainstream news and the corporate news is what I would call conspiracy theories,” he commented.

“No, I will not be Donald Trump’s vice president,” he added.

With US–Mexican relations deteriorating, Kennedy said that one of his policy priorities if he wins the presidency would be to improve relations with Mexico and other nations south of the border to reduce the flow of immigration from that region.

“This trail of immigrants is not good for them,” he stated. “It’s destabilizing.”

The Biden regime’s current border policy isn’t advancing the best interests of the American people nor those of Democrats or Republican voters, nor migrants or “our neighbors to the south,” Kennedy declared.

He believes that the current migrant crisis shouldn’t be a partisan question. He believes that to resolve it, ideas from both sides of the political aisle will need to be heard.

“We have a policy now that is not serving anybody’s interest,” RFK Jr. commented. “Everybody is getting hurt by this policy.”

Although the wall has been a polarizing issue, the Democrat candidate believes that this issue shouldn’t .

“I was against Trump’s wall. I thought it was a crazy idea. To me, it was a big mistake,” he initially stated. However, RFK Jr. has changed his opinion on the border wall and believes that reaching a compromise on this issue is needed. 

“I don’t think we do need a wall as we were told that had 2,200 miles between Brownsville and San Diego,” he noted. “But, we need something.”

Kennedy also highlighted how additional cameras and drone surveillance is necessary to bolster security at the border. 

At the press conference, Kennedy also mentioned how illegal immigration puts downward pressure on wages for the American working class. 

“We’re creating this understory of exploitable poor,” he stated. “These people are being paid by unscrupulous employers $5 or $6 an hour, a half of their lives here. And there’s no way they can change that. They have no leverage and no bargaining power.”

These unscrupulous employers use the threat of revealing the immigration status of migrants to immigration authorities to get these migrants in line, Kennedy observed.

“I am a traditional Kennedy Democrat. I think human dignity and particularly dignity of the workers and the American middle class are the foundation stones not only of our economy, but of American democracy,” Kennedy concluded.

RFK Jr.’s proposals are reasonable. They’re clearly not ideal from a nationalist perspective, but they’re better than virtually all policies coming from the Democratic Party. Heck, his policies may be better than most immigration policies that a good portion of Republicans put forward. 

All in all, RFK Jr.’s immigration plans, along with his stances on the pharmaceutical industrial complex and the US ruling class’s obsession with perpetual war, are a great change of pace for a political scene marked by massive stagnation in terms of policy making. Hopefully, more candidates follow in RFK Jr’s footsteps and run for both parties in an attempt to shake up the entire political system.

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