Belarus Warns About Nuclear War Over Continued Western Military Aid to Ukraine

On March 31, 2023, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned that the Collective West’s support for Ukraine is increasing the probability of a nuclear conflict breaking out in Belarus in addition to kicking off World War III. 

The Belarusian strongman urged for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, expecting dialogue and diplomacy to to be used as opposed to violence and warfare.

“As a result of the efforts of the United States and its satellites, a full-scale war has been unleashed in (Ukraine) … a third world war with nuclear fires looms on the horizon,” Lukashenko said at a televised address to elected officials and Belarusian residents.

In Lukashenko’s view,  there should be no preconditions for hammering out a ceasefire and cautioned Ukraine against mounting a counter-offensive. He believes that such a military maneuver would make negotiations between Russia and Ukraine impossible.

Press TV reported that “Lukashenko also called for a ‘truce’ in Ukraine and for talks ‘without preconditions’ between the warring sides.”

“I’ll take the risk of suggesting an end of hostilities… a declaration of a truce,” he announced at a state of the nation address. “All territorial, reconstruction, security and other issues can and should be settled at the negotiation table, without preconditions.”

Lukashenko also revealed that Russia is planning to install tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus as a way to bolster its security from attacks from the Collective West. 

The Russia-Belarus alliance is firmly in place. Belarus has historically been in the Russian civilization space. There was a bit of an interesting lull during the post-Cold War era when Belarus entertained both the West and Russia, which annoyed the latter. However, with the West’s universalist fanaticism on the foreign policy front, Belarus has had no choice but to align itself with Russia, who has also been subject to Color Revolutions and other forms of Western subversion.

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