Belarusian Leader Says Russia Will Talk to Belarus About Nuclear Weapons Use

On July 6, 2023, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced that Russia will always hold discussions with Belarus on the potential use of nuclear weapons. 

“Even if Russia had ventured to do it, I’m sure it [Moscow] would have held consultations with its closest neighbor,” the Belarusian leader said during a meeting with foreign and domestic media outlets.

“Therefore there must be no worries: we have no intentions of attacking either the United States, or Germany or Great Britain. In general, we are not intending to attack anyone with the use of nuclear weapons,” Lukashenko stated.

Russia’s and Belarus’ relations will only strengthen as the Collective West grows more fanatic on the foreign policy front against them. Both countries are authoritarian in nature, which angers the universalists in the West, who want to export liberal democracy across the globe. 

Belarus used to have a balanced foreign policy where it courted both the West and Russia. However, that has changed with the West trying to pursue regime change against Lukashenko, a move that has pushed Belarus into Russia’s orbit. 

With Russia and Belarus attached at the hip now, Russia will likely install more nuclear weapons on Belarusian soil to ensure that its Western flank is safe from potential NATO encroachment. 

The fanatics in NATO are playing a dangerous game here by escalating tensions with Russia and Belarus. This isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan. 

We’re dealing with legit nuclear powers who are willing to vigorously defend their interests should they feel threatened by the Collective West.

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