Believe All Women? Harvey Weinstein Says Accusers are Lying

A disgraced Hollywood film producer who has been indicted for rape is flipping the script on the political left’s #BelieveAllWomen campaign.

“For the most part, these extraordinary emails suggest, beyond question, that many of these women have lied in making their complaints against Mr. Weinstein,” said Harvey Weinstein’s attorney Ben Brafman in a letter to New York Supreme Court Justice James Burke filed Tuesday.

Brafman is referring to emails between Weinstein and “many of the most vocal women” who have made accusations against Weinstein, which Brafman’s attorney is using to establish that Weinstein had prior relationships with the women whom he allegedly raped.

“We also note with great respect that, as a result of our extensive investigation, we now have access to the personal email exchanges between Mr. Weinstein and many of the most vocal women who have made sexual allegations against him,” Brafman said.

Weinstein’s denial is a stark contrast to the Hollywood-approved notion that men accused of sexual misconduct are automatically guilty, and that we must believe all women who make such accusations. Perhaps that rule only applies when the accused is a political foe, like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Alyssa Milano, the Hollywood actress who was perhaps most outspoken against Kavanaugh’s confirmation, has not once condemned Weinstein for fighting the charges agains him. She has not called for him to relinquish his due process rights and accept the fact that since he has been accused, he is guilty. When it came to Kavanaugh, on the other hand, she accused Republicans of viewing women as “less than human” for not automatically condemning Kavanaugh. She attacked Kavanaugh in nearly 100 Tweets. She only spoke of Weinstein five times on Twitter.

“Kavanaugh is going on tonight, AKA the, “where accused people go to try and salvage their lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court” channel,: she Tweeted during his confirmation period.

It is obvious that the #BelieveAllWomen nonsense is applied with partisan vigor only when it helps Democrats. If they cannot use women to further their agenda, they do not care about them at all.

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