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Ben Carson Plans to Evict Illegals in HUD Housing to Make Room for Needy Americans

Carson’s plan would serve American citizens and deny illegal immigrants.



Ben Carson Illegal Immigrants HUD

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson announced plans to evict illegal immigrants from HUD housing in an effort to free up housing space, and leftists are complaining that the real problem is there is simply not enough housing available.

Last week, Carson revealed his plan to free up HUD housing for low income families by evicting illegal immigrants. While this would logically create more space for American citizens in the public housing, Buzzfeed appears convinced that the real problem is that there is simply not enough housing available for both citizens and illegal immigrants.

Politico reports that HUD is already prohibited from giving housing to illegal immigrants, but a “legal loophole” has allowed individuals to attain public housing without having their immigration status checked. Carson’s plan would end this loophole, making the housing strictly for those who can prove their United States citizenship.

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Last week, Carson posted to Twitter that “we are putting America’s most vulnerable first,” and noted that “hundreds of thousands of citizens are waiting many years on waitlists to get housing assistance.”

In an article posted last week, Buzzfeed seemed to lament that the real cause of the crisis is not enough housing, while failing to note the mathematical certainty that freeing up housing by evicting those who are not even legally residing in the United States would, by default, create more room for American citizens in need.

According to individuals cited by Buzzfeed, “HUD’s new proposal is trying to address a problem that doesn’t exist when it comes to undocumented immigrants, while at the same time failing to address the very real public housing shortage.”

The Buzzfeed article then denies reality again by claiming that “all applicants must be US citizens or documented residents and go through an immigration screening process,” even though the aforementioned loophole allows illegal immigrants to attain housing without proving their citizenship.

Buzzfeed concludes its article with more fear mongering about “ripping families apart,” in cases where residents are living in public housing alongside illegal immigrants.

This would appear to be Buzzfeed’s latest example of denying reality. It is undeniable that removing illegal immigrants from housing that is already reserved for American citizens would create more room for those the program is meant to serve.



Leftist Group Pickets Outside of Senator Josh Hawley’s Home Demanding GOP Accept Electoral College Certification

Dangerous harassment.



A group of left-wing militants protested outside of Senator Josh Hawley’s Virginia home on Monday night, threatening to harass Republicans for declining to sign off on contested electoral college slates. The professional progressive activists, affiliated with Shutdown DC, demanded that Hawley relent on a plan to challenge ratification of the electoral college.

Shutdown DC has become known for aggressive and personalized harassment protest tactics, with members of the organization “protesting” outside of Tucker Carlson’s house and ringing his doorbell in 2018. The small crowd of protestors spoke of appearing on the streets of DC on Tuesday, when thousands of Donald Trump supporters will protest at the capitol demanding that Republican Senators and Congressmen delay the certification of electors from contested states.

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One man in an orange hat threatened to protest outside of Hawley’s house every day.

He should be ready for us to come back and visit him if he doesn’t abandon his dangerous, reckless, self-serving, racist attack on our democracy!

The ShutDownDC protestors warned Hawley of their harassment tactics in a chant.

“We’ll be back! We’ll be back! We’ll be back!”

Local police arrived on the scene within minutes of the protestor’s arrival at the private residence. The mob was allowed to go through with their stunt, yelling into megaphones late into the night in the suburban neighborhood. They loitered on the sidewalk for about an hour before leaving.

The group littered at the scene, leaving placards with progressive mantras on the ground outside of Hawley’s house as they left. They weren’t cited.

Belligerent progressives are likely to continue the use of aggressive harassment tactics even after Donald Trump’s presidency, with Biden all but certain to be inaugurated as President later this month.

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