Ben Shapiro Bashes President Trump for his Restraint on Iran

Ben Shapiro is back to towing the neoconservative line on Iran.

After President Donald Trump decided to not use airstrikes against Iran, the establishment, neoconservative sphere went up in arms.

Shapiro was one of the leaders in criticizing Trump for his measured response to Iran.

The neocon commentator called for a “disproportionate response” to Iran after it shot down a U.S. navy drone off the Persian Gulf.



Like Venezuela, Trump is showing tremendous restraint with Iran.

Tensions have been delayed for the time being, but America First advocates must not let up the pressure to keep Trump on his non-interventionist course.

The U.S. has too strong of a presence in the Middle East, with military bases in place all over the region.

With border crossings approaching record levels, Trump’s biggest issue is dealing with the southern border.

Voters still see immigration as the number #1 issue going into 2020 elections.

Trump should trust his instincts and listen to his MAGA base on the issue of foreign policy.

America is not the world police.


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