Bernie Sanders Rejects Call for Open Borders, Savaged by Left

Bernie Sanders made himself an unlikely target for criticism among his detractors in the Democrat Party on Sunday, after rejecting an assertion from a questioner that he supported open borders.

A man asked how Bernie intended to sustain his vision of enlarged governmental social programs while supporting open borders. The Vermont Senator and Presidential candidate clarified that he did not support open borders, going into brief detail as to why he did not. Watch here:

My point is that if you open the borders, you’re going to have people from all over the world. That is not my position.

As milquetoast and basic as Sanders’ argument against a policy of open borders was, it became a target for derision among some on the progressive left unwilling to accept anything less. Some expressed indignation that Sanders would so much as even take a stance on the subject, stating that any conversation about the notion of open borders- a commonly suggested policy proposal in corporate media- was nothing more than cleverly disguised Republican propaganda.

The Koch brothers-funded corporate libertarian outlet Reason Foundation also published a piece criticizing Sanders for taking the most elementary stance possible in support of American workers by rejecting open migration to the United States. Increasingly centrists and liberals on both the left and “right” find themselves in league with one another in support of radical globalist policies that would import millions of new low-wage workers and voters into American society. If such an open borders vision were to be executed, it’s likely the American middle and working class would be crushed by an onslaught of cheap-labor competition, eventually resulting in the creation of a new Brazilian or Russian-style class system in the United States in which a small contingent of wealthy oligarchs have complete leverage over the vast impoverished masses.

Sanders still advocates for a massive amnesty of up to twelve million illegal immigrants and the drastic neutering of immigration law enforcement agencies such as ICE in the United States. However, one can’t help but notice the irony that his immigration policy views are probably well on the right of what’s commonly proposed by Democratic Party presidential candidates and legislators. Julian Castro, another Democratic Presidential candidate, potentially represents the left wing of Democratic Party opinion migration. Castro has called for the full decriminalization of illegal migration, potentially opening the southern border up to unprecedented waves of crossings that could make the caravans appear no greater than small formations in comparison.

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