The Best Essay Ever About The Super Bowl Halftime Show As A Symbol of Societal Decline

Justin Timberlake, Facebook

This piece of writing from my friend Cindy Monaghan-Holcomb of Trussville, Alabama is too heartfelt and perceptive not to publish. With the Super Bowl coming up in a few hours, Ms. Monaghan-Holcomb delves into the circumstances of our societal decline:


As Rush was closing out his show yesterday, he referenced the Super Bowl half time show. He said “And I am sure Janet Jackson will make an appearance.”

I realized I am so completely disinterested in the NFL or the Super Bowl that I had no idea who would be performing at the half time show. I asked Foster last night, and he wasn’t for sure (same disinterest) but he thought it was Justin Timberlake.

Sure enough, I heard a mention of it on the news this morning. Apparently, this is his 3rd half time show. He is a talented entertainer but I thought surely there are other equally talented entertainers out there.

I found a list of previous halftime shows. Some of the past shows sounded great. There was one from 25 years ago entitled “A Salute to New Orleans and the 40th Anniversary of the Peanuts.”

New Orleans is the South and I love Peanuts so I was curious. If you want a harsh wake up call as to how detrimental the Left’s social engineering of our society has been, I would encourage you to take a few minutes to watch.

The performance opened with a sweet Peanuts cartoon, followed by the intro “40 years of Happiness,” followed by a celebration of Dixie, which included the song, a performance by a cajun musician, a performance by a Southern gospel singer and choir singing “Shall We Gather at the River,” Southern belles, a marching band, a performance by a Dixieland musician on a paddleoat and finally, a “Happy Birthday Charlie Brown” celebration.

All of the female dancers were dressed modestly, the Gospel singer was dressed respectfully and eloquently and all of the entertainers were genuinely talented. And what a treat the Peanuts characters must have been to the children watching with their families.

Flash forward 15 years of “progress” and Justin Timberlake is violently tearing a piece of clothing off of Janet Jackson’s breast exposing herself to the world including my 3 then small boys.

Flash forward 10 more years, Beyonce is dressed like a prostitute pelvic thrusting and rolling around on the stage. Flash forward 5 more years, and she is still dressed like a prostitute and thrusting but now is adorned with bullets, vilifying law enforcement and promoting black nationalism.

How is any of this progress for anyone? Black Americans have been stripped of their families, Southern Americans have been stripped of their culture, female Americans have been stripped of their dignity, our children have been stripped of their innocence and the American people have been stripped of their Christian faith.

It would appear the only “progress” that has been made under the “Progressive” movement is the Left’s progress in precipitating moral decline in America to facilitate their vision of tax-paying serfdom for the American people. #LiberalismIsALie

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