BETRAYED: How Parler Sold Out to the Globalist Establishment to Get Back Online

Big League Politics has reported on the plight of Parler, a social media upstart receiving a great deal of support from Republican politicians and talking heads, as it has been thrown off the web following the raucous Jan. 6 Capitol protest.

Parler has done itself no favors by relying on Amazon to provide their cloud hosting services, and then switching to another provider who has a blanket ban on all so-called hate speech in their terms of service without defining what really falls under that classification.

In a recent profile from The Telegraph, it was explained how the organization’s billionaire backer, Rebekah Mercer, got Parler back online. She acquiesced to censorship policies that are supported by the Big Tech giants.

One thing the company has added, likely in part as a play to be added back to the Apple App Store, is automated moderating ability, which involves computer systems scanning posts to flag offending material. Major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have employed this type of moderating technology for years, to varying degrees of success, but Parler had long resisted,” the profile stated.

Parler has also brought on board a new CEO who is pushing a scheme that would allow oligarchs like George Soros to rewrite the Constitution.

Mark Meckler, founder of the Convention of States Project, is now heading up Parler on at least a temporary basis. The Convention of States Project wants to create a new constitutional convention that would put every provision of the U.S. Constitution up for grabs. It would give liberals an opportunity to  codify all of their most grandiose and destructive schemes into the law.

“His 2012 book advocates for ‘single-issue constitutional conventions,’ but he has declared under oath that the Article V Convention is not a Constitutional Convention,” a representative from the John Birch Society said to the National File regarding Meckler. The John Birch Society is a patriotic group that has opposed what they call a “Con Con” for decades.

“As well, he hosted with Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig the Constitutional Convention Conference. Again, he has declared under oath that the Article V Convention is not a constitutional convention,” they added.

Lessig is a far-left operative with deep ties to George Soros. He led an effort to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election by urging electors to put in Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. These are the types of cronies who are behind Meckler’s plot to permanently alter the U.S. Constitution.

Although Parler may have started with the best of intentions, they have already been co-opted by the globalist establishment and forced to grovel to their opposition just to stay online. They may ultimately be remembered as an example of how not to run an alternative social media platform.

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