BEWARE: Speaker Ryan Pushing Amnesty Before He Quits Congress

Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R.-Wis) (Screenshot from C-SPAN)

Calls for an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants continue to ramp up in the final months of Paul Ryan’s Speakership.

“DACA is still the law of the land, our Border Wall still hasn’t been built, Sanctuary Cities are still receiving funding, and now liberal Republicans in the House are pushing for outright AMNESTY — all while publicly claiming to oppose illegal alien invasion they’re enabling,” says an email from the Remembrance Project.

Big League Politics recently reported on the amnesty push:

“Publicly, [Rep. Kevin] McCarthy appears to have donned the macho-man stance on immigration by declaring the foolishness of an amnesty vote. But privately, as he postures for a potential run for Speaker of the House, McCarthy is singing a different tune by appealing to the pro-amnesty “Republican” crowd.

In fact, McCarthy has promised a vote on an immigration bill introduced by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA). The bill would impose new limits on legal immigration while granting amnesty to DACA recipients, which the Republican base that elected President Trump does not favor.

McCarthy is clearly hedging his bets. Losing the House would leave him no chance to become Speaker. Perhaps House Republicans should defer to their voters on immigration, as they were elected to do.”

A discharge petition forces a bill out of a committee and to the House floor for consideration without a report, which effectively ensures a vote on a bill.

“Paul Ryan may have sent Kevin McCarthy to rail against amnesty and the 20 RINO Republicans’ discharge petition, but that’s just an elaborate game of PR,” the Remembrance Project email says. “Ryan’s on the way out, so he’s working hard to deliver cheap, illegal labor for his paymasters.”

Without a doubt, this is a betrayal of conservative principles from the liberal wing of the Republican party.

“As has always been the case with amnesty legislation, amnesty is the central and first part of the deal to take effect—everything else is just grease for the wheels,” wrote David Inserra of the Heritage Foundation. “Rather than actually tackling border security, improving enforcement, or closing loopholes, Congress entertains amnesty. Instead of taking a hard look at the legal immigration system and vigorously debating the many ways it can be reformed to be more merit-based, Congress will consider something worked out in a backroom deal.”

Inserra pointed out that the 1986 amnesty bill passed by Congress was supposed to be a one time deal. Lawmakers made the same promise they are making now – that amnesty will discourage illegal immigration. This is demonstrably untrue, based on the influx of illegal immigrants over the past 30 years.

Somehow, Americans are supposed to believe that things will turn out differently this time. They will not.

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