Biden Administration Declares War on Fossil Fuels, Announces End of Keystone Pipeline Day One of Presidency

“President-elect” Joe Biden intends to undo the economic progress made during the legitimate presidency of Donald Trump by ending the Keystone XL Pipeline on the first day of his incoming administration. 

Biden reportedly has “Rescind Keystone XL pipeline permit” as an item on his Day 1 agenda. This will likely lead to higher gas prices as it will be followed up with additional action to cripple the fossil fuel industry.

The $9 billion pipeline project has become a politically-contentious issue over the years, as environmental activists have sought to stop its production. These far-left extremists will be getting a huge victory from Biden as he seizes power.

Far-left activist Jane Kleeb of Nebraska, who now leads the Democrat Party of Nebraska, is encouraged by the move. She and thousands of socialist activists are agitating to push the party toward the far-left with great success.

“A decade of fighting and a scrappy Dem from Scranton (Biden) will be the one to hear the scrappy and very unlikely alliance of pipeline fighters. On. Day. One. #FingersCrossed #NoKXL,” Kleeb tweeted.

The move is so extreme that even soy-infused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is standing in opposition.

Big League Politics has reported on Biden’s extreme environmental agenda that will cripple jobs and end America’s economic independence:

Joe Biden’s announcement that he plans on a “transition away” from the use of fossil fuels as an energy source may not go over smoothly with the people of Pennsylvania- a state that has scored as the second largest producer of natural gas anywhere in the country.

Joe Biden admitted at the Thursday debate that he plans to “transition away from the oil industry,” citing pollution…

The United States Energy Information Administration identifies a considerable 20.0% of national natural gas production as coming from the state of Pennsylvania, making it the second biggest producer behind Texas. The state punches well above its weight in doing so, producing almost as much natural gas as Texas despite having less than half of its population.

Biden has sought to dismiss his track record of support for the banning of fracking oil extraction, employing a similar thinly veiled rhetorical trick by stating he’d only decline to allow any new fracking.

The energy industry continues to be a source of gainful, family-supporting employment for over ten million Americans. It’s not an option to “transition away” from the use of fossil fuels in the immediate future- a fact Biden tacitly admitted to after the debate suggestion, perhaps indicating that he realized the political folly of the statement.

Biden intends to live up to his campaign boasts about destroying the fossil fuel industry. Americans are going to have to suffer for at least four years.

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