Biden Administration Eyeing Ban on 3D Printed, Imported Guns Through Executive Order

President Joe Biden is eyeing gun bans on two categories of firearms through executive order, with wide-ranging gun bans extremely unlikely to attain 60 votes in the split US Senate.

Biden is eyeing bans on the importations of some kinds of guns, and 3D printed firearms. Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed earlier this week that executive orders to ban importations and 3D printing without federal firearms regulations. The executive orders are currently in a review process to avert legal challenges from gun rights supporters.

Guns manufactured through 3D printing don’t meet the ATF’s legal definition of a firearm, forming a source of consternation for Democrats  and allowing a small community of 2A enthusiasts to avoid governmental processes and legally create firearms.

We’re looking at what kind of authority I have relative to imported weapons – as well as whether or not I have the authority,” Biden told reporters upon arriving for a weekend getaway in Delaware.

It’s likely an executive order targeting imported guns would be restricted to so-called ‘assault weapons.’ Several companies import AK-47, AR-15 and G3 rifle variants into the United States, almost always sporterized to semi-automatic capacity only.

The Biden administration has declined to provide a timeline for when it plans to sign off on executive order gun grabs, even as some hardcore gun control activists are amping up pressure on the establishment Democrat.

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