Biden Administration Finally Realizes Economic Sanctions Against Russia Have Backfired

The Biden administration is finally realizing that economic sanctions against Russia are primarily hurting the American people while not doing a whole lot to hinder Russia’s success in their conflict against Ukraine.

Bloomberg News reporter Saleha Mohsin reported the scoop that the Biden regime is realizing that their foreign policy is blowing up in their faces.

In addition, corporations jumping on the trend of turning against Russia because of U.S. war propaganda are causing economic damage to Americans as well. These moves, initiated by corporations wanting to appear trendy and socially conscious to soulless zombified consumers, have resulted in unintended negative consequences.

The Biden administration has gone from being pleased that businesses like McDonald’s Corp. and BP Plc. had abruptly pulled their operations from Russia to being concerned about the effect these hasty moves will have on the global supply chain, grain exports, and the purchasing power of the dollar.

Making matters even worse, in the current repressive and psychotic anti-Russian climate, companies do not know how to proceed when dealing with Russia. This has caused uncertainty and only exacerbated economic problems.

“Because we just have so many changes at once, governments are not able to step in and give precise clarification and we are seeing many, many examples of authorities coming to different positions,” said Justine Walker, leader of global sanctions and risk at the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

“Companies ask, ‘Should we be applying sanctions to this entity?’ and the government will come back and say, ‘You need to make your own decision,’” she added.

Big League Politics has reported on Russian President Vladimir Putin clowning on Western imperial powers since the outset of the Ukraine conflict:

The European Union has folded to Russian President Vladimir Putin and is now authorizing imports of Russian national gas, which has helped to alleviate a price spike.

The European Commission is set to release a guidance telling European nations how to buy gas from Russia as a work-around of sanctions imposed against Russia. This satisfies the demands issued by Putin, who has used his economic leverage to undermine Western attacks against Russia and her people.

European countries are expected to set up accounts in Gazprombank, a large Russian-based bank, in order to do business with the Russians and pay for their desperately-needed energy. The EU is considering setting a cap on gas prices if Russia restricts energy shipments, according to a draft of the proposal obtained by Bloomberg News…

Despite the media propaganda machine constantly portraying a false reality, it is clear Russia is not losing this war effort. Putin is making the globalists look like fools while demonstrating that his country’s sovereignty is inviolable.

Biden’s policies are only emboldening Russia while weakening America. Stolen elections have consequences, and those consequences are economic doom for U.S. workers.

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