Biden Admits Beleaguered Governor Andrew Cuomo “Should Resign” If Accusations Truthful

President Joe Biden threw New York Governor Andrew Cuomo under the bus in remarks on Tuesday, stating that the beleaguered governor should resign if ongoing investigations into allegations of sexual harassment reveal misconduct on the part of the Governor.

Cuomo’s nursing home scandal has been largely ignored in favor of a new sexual harassment, with the deaths of more than ten thousand seniors in the state taking second fiddle to the allegations. More than five women have accused Cuomo of workplace harassment in recent weeks.

Biden admitted he should resign if a New York Attorney General substantiated the allegations in an ongoing investigation. Biden had earlier dodged giving an answer on Cuomo.

Biden even went a step further in stating that Cuomo should be prosecuted, although it’s unclear on what grounds. Biden applied a criminal presumption in favor of the accuser, stating that any accusations should be inherently believed upon their revelation.

Cuomo is refusing to resign, likening the sexual assault allegations to cancel culture. The scandal has allowed him to conveniently distract from the nursing home malfeasance, even after his own staff admitted the Governor covered up the impacts of his nursing home policy in response to a possible Trump Department of Justice investigation.

Biden has previously denied his own allegations of sexual assault from a former Senate staffer, Tara Reade.

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