Biden and Big Tech Have Poland and Hungary in Their Crosshairs

The installation of Joe Biden as president of the United States of America will have strong foreign policy implications.

Countries such as Hungary and Poland will be in the Biden administration’s crosshairs based on the incoming president’s previous statements condemning their allegedly “totalitarian” governments. 

When he was asked about the Trump administration’s foreign policy, Biden responded, “You see what’s happened, in everything from Belarus to Poland to Hungary, and the rise of totalitarian regimes in the world, and as well, this president embraces all the thugs in the world.” 

Gladden Pappin, the co-founder of American Affairs, wrote in a piece for Newsweek that Poles and the Hungarian foreign minister criticized Biden’s remarks. The incoming President’s comments are part of a broader trend that the liberal Left and the acceptable Right are engaging in, where they label any regime with nationalist and traditional political tendencies as “fascist”, “authoritarian”, and/or “totalitarian.” Apart from being intellectually lazy, these labels do these countries an injustice as far as the political paths they’ve embraced.

Hungary and Poland are both ex-Warsaw Pact countries that have moved towards more market-based economies. However, they’ve taken a national capitalist approach to their economic development. Like most of the West, both of these countries have experienced the secular trend of declining birthrates. In response the ruling parties of both countries — Fidesz in Hungary and PIS in Poland – have adopted pro-natal policies that promote family formation. More controversially the two countries have stood up against the radical LGBT lobby and have become resolute champions of immigration restriction. Given the two countries’ experience being under the influence of empires and other foreign powers, nationalism has always had a strong appeal in these countries. eir development in the post-Soviet era. Both countries have experienced a secular trend the rest of the West is experiencing, namely declining birth rates. In response, the ruling parties of both countries — Fidez in Hungary and PiS in Poland — have pushed their very own pro-family policies that encourage family formation.

PiS, also known as Law and Justice, made a name for itself back in 2015 when it came into power. One of PiS’s main political projects is the  pursuit of judicial reforms that dilute the power of communist judges and create new spots for national conservative the judiciary. 

With Biden in office, there is heavy speculation that he will pursue a “color revolution” in both countries. Pappin noted that Facebook and Twitter have been implementing a “civic integrity project” to censor political figures as evidenced by the suspension of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany‘s account a few months ago all the way to the current suspension of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Now that the managerial elites in both the public and private sector feel emboldened after the 2020 elections, they will export their thought-controlling abroad. Elites have solid privatized arms in Facebook, Google, and Twitter to do their regime change bidding.

For Poland and Hungary, the most popular social media platform is Facebook. This leaves them particularly vulnerable to activist corporations which have strong connections to the Deep State. The public and private sector have largely fused together in the U.S. Just like its progressive predecessor, the woke movement’s agenda will inevitably be exported to other countries in violation of their sovereignty.

At the end of the day, Poland and Hungary are beacons of hope for those on the Right who desire political arrangements that promote stable families, strong national identities, and revitalized economies. So it’s no shock why liberal elites despise the Hungarian and Polish models. With Biden in charge, they now have a vehicle to disrupt these countries and turn them into globalist shopping malls. 

American nationalists should stand in solidarity with these nationalist regimes and do everything possible to expose Deep State plots that aim to bring regime change plots to Eastern Europe.

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