Biden Blasted For America- Last Foreign Policy

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Replying to a question about whether or not he would militarily defend Taiwan, President Joe Biden told the world that he would commit to putting American lives on the line for the island. The statement comes on the heels of a $40 billion dollar spending package sent to Ukraine that will successfully prolong their conflict with Russia, assuring worldwide ramifications

In response, Joe Kent, a Republican running for Congress in Washington, criticized the president offering up American blood all over the world: “At this point, the only country we are refusing to defend is our own,” said Kent in a tweet.  The tweet continued, “If Biden were serious about China we’d decouple our supply lines, onshore & kick the CCP out of our markets.” He punctuated his statement, saying, “Instead we let them control us economically & saber rattle wars we can’t afford.”

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) retweeted Kent’s statement, adding, “Indeed the Biden Regime drops $62 billion to defend Ukraine’s borders and promises to … defend Taiwan’s borders while our own border is a joke and under assault. 105,000 dead Americans in 2021 from fentanyl walked into our country.”

While Americans face a declining standard of living and an ongoing invasion of their homeland — due to the self-immolating policies of the Biden administration — the president has pledged a substantial fortune and put millions of American lives at risk to defend the borders of an authoritarian state in Eastern Europe. Now, Biden has promised more blood and treasure to fight another nuclear-weapons state on the other side of a vast ocean. 

As the border crisis in the U.S. continues to explode, calls for action have been ignored by the Biden administration. Where action has been taken, it has been to make the situation worse, with Biden attempting to end Title 42 and even putting Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the situation on the southern border.

And while Biden’s bankrupting investment into Ukraine will bring food shortages, more inflation and increased mortality rates, his lack of investment into U.S. border security is killing record numbers of Americans with drugs coming over the southern border, increasing violent crime rates and taking baby formula out of American babies’ mouths and delivering it to the children of illegal invaders.

Kent’s tweet puts the belligerent foreign policy of Biden and his handlers into perspective. Is there any border, besides our own, that Biden won’t defend? 

Gosar, who recently signed onto a letter to President Joe Biden that demands he fulfill his constitutional obligation to defend the states from invasion, has been a strong proponent of border security, and is likely excited by the prospect of having another America first conservative in Congress to work with.

Joe Kent’s primary election against an anti-Trump RINO incumbent, Jaime Herrera Beutler, will be held on August 2. 

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