Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry Caught Flaunting Mask Mandate on American Airlines Flight

Former Secretary of State and Biden climate change envoy John Kerry was caught violating American Airlines’ mask mandate on a flight from Boston to DC on Wednesday. The elite establishment Democrat was seated on a first-class section of the aircraft.

Neil McCabe broke news of Kerry’s refusal to wear a mask. American Airlines mandates that passengers wear masks for the duration of their flight, unless if eating or drinking. The closed environment of jet aircraft allows for transmission of the COVID-19 virus.


This isn’t Kerry’s first brush with hypocrisy. Kerry has flown aboard private jets for decades, despite regularly raising the alarm about western carbon emissions and the seemingly imminent apocalypse of climate change. 

Other Americans have been forcibly expelled from aircraft for not wearing masks, with even one disabled man removed from a Southwest Airlines flight despite having two doctors’ notes explaining that he can’t wear a mask.

Kerry is directly violating Joe Biden’s frequent exhortation for Americans to wear masks, directly in a high-risk setting. He owes an apology to every passenger on board the aircraft, and to the American people for refusing to follow the rules that their leaders have demanded of the common man and woman.

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