Biden NSA Refuses To Commit To Evacuating All Americans From Afghanistan

On Tuesday Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan held a press conference regarding the ongoing situation of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in which he refused to commit to evacuating all Americans from the nation.

A video of the press conference begins with a reporter stating that the Biden administration planned for a full withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan by August 31st, pointing out that many Afghan allies and Americans still remain in the country.

“Will US troops stay until everyone is out or will they leave?” the reporter asked.

“So I’m not going to comment on hypotheticals what I’m going to do is stay focused on the task at hand which is getting as many people out as rapidly as possible and we will take that day by day.” Sullivan replied.

The reporter shot back “so you can’t commit to bring back every American?” Sullivan can be seen immediately calling on another reporter to answer a different question.

Joe Biden and his administration have taken a lot of heat for the recent withdrawal from Afganistan, with many who were in favor of the idea being opposed to its ultimate execution.

One such example was conservative political talk show host Tucker Carlson, who said that “Biden did the necessary thing in the ugliest possible way.

Biden recently gave a press conference on the situation in which he stood by his decision for withdrawl and blamed others like the Afghani government for not holding their own. He then left without taking any questions to return to his vacation at Camp David.

The Biden Adminstration does not know how many Americans are currently trapped in Afghanistan, with estimates of up to 10,000 citizens attempting to escape the nation.

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