Biden Preparing to Admit 25,000 Asylum Seekers in First Wave of Border Amnesty Plan

President Joe Biden is preparing to admit a wave of asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border, after moving to dismantle President Donald Trump’s game-changing “Remain in Mexico” immigration restriction policy. Biden’s DHS is going to begin admitting increments of migrants daily that’ll add up to 25,000 within the coming weeks and months.

These migrants are currently awaiting the adjudication of their asylum cases in Mexico, a requirement that President Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy implemented. DHS and CBP personnel had pointed to the Remain in Mexico policy as a game-changing deterrent to illegal immigration, cutting off easy access to United States residency and welfare on the part of large groups of migrants that traveled to the border- often from Central America.

DHS will reportedly admit as many as 600 migrants a day, many of whom are camping out in Mexican border cities. The asylum seekers will be logged and release with a request to appear for a court date in the future. With Immigration and Customs Enforcement essentially abolished, it’s likely that the migrants will have all but secured the permanent benefits of American residency the day they enter the country.

Only a small fraction of asylum seekers that present at the southern border are legitimate, with the vast majority of claimants merely economic migrants who want a legal means to enter the United States.

Arrests of illegal immigrants at the southern border have surged by hundreds and thousands in the first weeks of Biden’s presidency, with citizens of several countries rushing to take advantage of Biden’s “America Last” approach on immigration and border security. Customs and Border Patrol had already run out of space in immigration detention facilities when Biden ordered the agency to restore the “Catch and Release” amnesty approach utilized during Barack Obama’s presidency.

The admission of dubious asylum seekers at the southern border will only serve as an invitation for more economic migrants to try and secure American residency, serving to create a domino effect spurring successive waves of “caravan” migration. Biden has no plan to to deter the increasing waves of illegal migration, instead focusing on establishing new privileges and benefits for those who seek an easy and cheap way to secure the privileges of American residency.

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