Biden Regime Calls On Congress to Fund New Round of Vaccines for All Americans

On August 25, 2023, President Joe Biden announced that his regime would call on additional money from Congress to finance the next round of Wuhan virus vaccine shots.

Biden informed reporters that he approved a proposal that would subsequently be sent to elected officials shortly “for a new vaccine.”

“Tentative it will likely be recommended that everybody get it,” Biden said.

It was unclear if Biden meant that the government was in need of additional funding for the research and development of an updated Wuhan virus vaccine on top of the new boosters already being developed, or wanted to restore the program that made Wuhan virus shots free for all Americans.

Biden’s request would likely meet strong opposition from Republicans in Congress, who have blamed Biden of requesting unnecessary funding connected to the pandemic. 

On September 12, 2023, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is planning on holding a meeting to talk about new vaccines that will be rolled out in the fall. 

On a prior occasion, the Biden regime said it believed Americans would likely have to receive annual boosters of the Wuhan virus vaccine, such as a flu shot. The formula will be modified in an attempt to combat novel strains of the virus.

Biden’s remarks come at a time when the new “Eris” variant of the virus has proliferated across the United States.

There’s a clear push by Big Pharma and the biosecurity state to continue subjecting the population to vaccines of dubious health benefits. It’s becoming abundantly clear that governmental and medical elites are more concerned with the increase in power and profits that mass vaccination campaigns bring about than improving the general health of Americans. 

Ultimately, public health is secured by proactive individuals and their immediate community, not so-called experts in DC or those in mainstream medical circles.

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