Biden Regime Pushes New Immigration Pathway for Nationals From Central America & Colombia

On July 7, 2023, the Biden regime  introduced a new immigration program to allow select nationals of Central America and Colombia to enter the United States.

On that day, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced its implementation of a “new family reunification parole (FRP) processes” for Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The program was initially announced in April.

Under the FRP processes, certain migrants along with US relatives are allowed to enter and work legally while they wait for their US immigration visas.

“Specifically, nationals of these [four] countries can be considered for parole on a case-by-case basis for a period of up to three years while they wait to apply to become a lawful permanent resident,” the DHS declared on July 7.

Potentially eligible migrants are nationals from the four countries who have family members who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents in the US.

The latest initiative, per the DHS,  is part of the comprehensive migratory policy reforms the DHS and State Department announced back in April “to further reduce unlawful migration across the Western Hemisphere, significantly expand lawful pathways for protection, and facilitate the safe, orderly, and humane processing of migrants.”

The FRP processes were available to Cubans starting in 2007 and Haitians starting in 2014. The Trump administration temporarily paused the programs, but once Joe Biden was installed as president, his regime resuscitated them.

The US family member must file Form I-30—also known as the Petition for Alien Relative—on behalf of their Colombian, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, or Honduran relatives.

Should the petition be approved, the State Department sends out an invitation to the petitioning US family member, who can subsequently start the FRP process by submitting a request on behalf of the migrant relative in order to be considered eligible for advance travel authorization and parole.

The DHS announced on July 7 that if the foreign national received parole status, which grants them ability to enter the US, that individual can subsequently request employment authorization while he waits for his immigrant visa to become available. Once the immigrant visa is available, the individual can apply for permanent residency— better known as a green card.

The Biden regime announced on May 2 that the US “intends to welcome as many as 100,000 individuals from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador” through the use of  FRP processes. 

As Mimi Nguyen Ly of The Epoch Times noted, “No time frame has been provided, however, and a numerical cap for Colombian migrants has also not been specified.”

Per figures from the US Customs and Border Protection, north of 126,200 Colombians, 40,700 Salvadorans, 115,100 Guatemalans, and 110,000 Hondurans have been processed at the southwest border this far in fiscal 2023.

What’s taking place here is the facilitation of the Great Replacement – one of the policy holy grails of the cultural Left. The whole goal is to swamp Western nations with non-European migrants and demographically destroy the historic populations of these nations. Immigration boosters will look for every means possible to bring as many foreigners into the country as possible. 

The only way to stop this mass migration nightmare is through immigration patriotism in the form of an immigration moratorium, ending birthright citizenship, implementing E-Verify, among other immigration restriction measures. 

These are the only measures that can prevent a mass migration nightmare of colossal proportions.

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