Biden Regime Urges Congress to Pass Continuing Budget Resolution Featuring Ukraine Military Aid

At a White House press briefing held on September 21, 2023, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan asserted that additional funding will still be needed to continue prosecuting the conflict in Ukraine. This is on top of the batches of funding already doled out, and the $24 billion President Biden has been seeking to authorize this week.

Sullivan revealed that the US has provided roughly $47 billion in military assistance, around $1.5 billion on a monthly basis in direct budget aid, and roughly $10 billion in humanitarian assistance.  

With respect to a potential government shutdown scenario, Sullivan remarked “we will want to see additional funding for Ukraine after the end of the fiscal year, so after September 30, meaning that we would like additional resources from the Congress on October 1 to ensure that there’s no disruption in the supply of funding.” The government would have shut down if Congress did not reach an agreement on a continuing budget resolution by September 30. Republicans in both chambers of Congress have indicated that they will not agree to a CR that includes additional funding for Ukraine.

One reporter inquired whether there would be a disruption, to which Sullivan remarked, “there’s a sliding scale of disruption, but the day after the funds lapse or run out at the end of the fiscal year, there would be a break if we do not get the funding starting October 1.” 

Senator Lindsay Graham — a major neoconservative hawk— has expressed his concern for the future of Ukraine if the US does not maintain funding for the Russo-Ukrainian war.

“That’s why we are making the case to the Congress that we should see additional funding.”

As he read his notes at the start of the press conference, Sullivan indicated that Biden “will announce a new package of military assistance today that includes significant air defense capabilities to help Ukraine protect its people.”

It’s become abundantly clear that the US political class is committed to prosecuting the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine to the very end. The recent conflict in Israel could potentially divert funds that would otherwise go to the US to Israel, so things are up in the air at the moment. 

However, we are dealing with a psychotic political class here that’s more concerned with spending billions in military ventures abroad, while completely ignoring the homefront. 

At this juncture, one can not put it past US leaders to spend potentially trillions of dollars to bankroll the US national security state’s quixotic ventures abroad.

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