Biden Regime Wants to Force Gun Sellers to Conduct Background Checks On All Buyers

On August 31, 2023, the Biden regime put forward a rule that would impose background checks on firearms purchasers at gun shows. Such a proposal would require any individual who makes a profit selling firearms to acquire a federal license and mandate background checks. 

Under the present set of regulations, private vendors have been able to sell thousands of firearms annually out of their homes, at gun shows, flea markets and via websites without having to conduct such background checks. 

Private sellers are currently required only to get a license if they make their living by selling firearms. 

President Joe Biden has advocated for universal background checks, but Democrats have not been able to pass such legislation through conventional legislative means in Congress. The rule that was put forward on August 31 expands on a gun bill Biden signed in 2022 as a response to several mass shootings that he said justified the passage of a more comprehensive background check system. 

Back in March, an executive order Biden signed an executive order instructed the Justice Department to broaden the definition of being “engaged in the business” of selling firearms and explicitly list which sellers, such as collectors or hobbyists, don’t have to acquire a license. 

The president said this step was taken to bring the US as close as possible to universal background checks without Congress having to pass said measure. 

With the exception of the passage of the 2022 gun control legislation, the Biden regime has failed to pass gun control proposals such as universal background checks, a prohibition on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, in addition to getting rid of immunity from legal action for gun manufacturers.

The Biden regime knows that it can’t pass gun control via legislative means in Congress. First off, the House is under Republican control, which will impede the passage of said legislation. Secondly, there is broadly a strong pro-gun ethos to the American populace that keeps the gun grabbers at bay. 

This obviously makes Gun Control Inc really mad. In turn, it’s now compelling them to use the Biden regime to pursue executive tyranny to impose these measures. Should such measures be successfully implemented, red states must nullify these gun grabs and other unconstitutional measures on the books. 

In America, tyranny should not be tolerated.

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