Biden Slates Pro-Migration Extremist for Department of Homeland Security Chief

With the final result of the 2020 presidential election still pending litigation, Joe Biden has selected a pro-immigration extremist to lead the Department of Homeland Security, the federal department tasked with deterring and preventing illegal immigration.

Alejandro Mayorkas is a partisan Democrat who served as Barack Obama’s director of US Citizenship and Immigration services, overseeing the naturalization agency in an era where the United States broke every single record in national history pertaining to immigration levels.

In a statement provided to Breitbart News, Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies called out Mayorkas as a corporate sleaze determined to import cheap labor for the nation’s elite.

He is the exact kind of nominee that people didn’t want to see — someone in favor of corporate interests on immigration, of looking the other way on fraud, of rubber-stamping every [migration] application. This should be an easy softball for them to hit out of the park. This is something that’s going to be helpful to them in the Georgia Senate races — I mean, [Sen. David] Perdue [R-GA] and [Sen. Kelly] Loeffler [R-GA] should be commenting on this.

All of the stars align here — cronyism, corruption, swampiness, and the immigration issue.

Mayorkas was accused on numerous occasions of rubber-stamping green card and visa worker applications for tentative employees of elite corporate interests, with USCIS’s Inspector General accusing him of creating an appearance of favoritism and special access for his favors to wealthy foreign investors and the corporate elite. Mayorkas was accused of granting visa worker favor to companies owned by elite Democrats Harry Reid and Terry McAuliffe.

Mayorkas also expressly instructed Department of Homeland Security employees trained to detect immigration fraud to ignore suspicious behavior, demanding that they instead focus on approving as many visa requests as possible.

Even though he hasn’t even been certified as the victor of the presidential election, Joe Biden is slating his hypothetical presidency as a renaissance of the golden age of neoliberal globalism.

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