Biden Tries To Explain Obama’s Non-Endorsement, Says Rest of World Looking At America Now Like ‘My Lord, What’s Going On?’

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden tried to explain Barack Obama’s non-endorsement of his campaign on “The View” Friday. Biden said that he asked Obama not to endorse because “I didn’t want to make it look like he was putting his thumb on the scale here.” Biden also falsely said that there was not a whisper of scandal in the eight years of Obama’s presidency, and told an anecdote about helping “a guy on a bucket” who was working a job.

“I travelled around the world an awful lot as Vice President, and since then I have as well. And the rest of the world, I mean, they look at us like, My God!,” Biden said, as Joy Behar interrupted, “What happened to America?”

“They’re looking like, my Lord, what’s going on?”

Obama and his underlings including Hillary Clinton were frequently marred by scandal including the IRS scandal, the Fast and Furious scandal, the Benghazi cover-up centered on the Youtube video talking point, and now the “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” plot.

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