Biden Wanted To Ban Rave Parties Using His ‘Crackhouse Legislation’

Joe Biden wanted to jail rave party promoters by changing and introducing new laws and encouraged the government to “find a rationale unrelated to drugs” to arrest them.

“I would be passing new ordinances relating to stiff criminal penalties for anyone who held a rave,” Biden said in the 2001 hearing. “The promoter, the guy who owned the building. I’d put the son of a gun in jail. I would change the law.”

“There’s no doubt about where these raves are. In the middle of the desert. Arrest the promoter. Find a rationale unrelated to drugs. Keeping an unsafe example. I’m the guy who authored the crackhouse legislation. We can use the crackhouse legislation to tear down these buildings,” Biden said.

Biden’s co-sponsoring of the 1986 Emergency Crack Control Act did not result in passage of the bill, but Biden’s work on Bill Clinton’s 1994 anti-crime law has made him enemies on the left who oppose the mass incarceration of black people overseen by Clinton.

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