BIDEN: ‘We Need More Money for the Second Pandemic. There’s Gonna Be Another Pandemic’

U.S. President Joe Biden admitted that another pandemic is on the horizon while giving a speech on Tuesday.

“We do need more money, but we don’t just need more money for vaccines for children eventually. We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic. We have to think ahead, and that’s not something the last outfit did very well. That’s something we’ve been doing fairly well. That’s why we need the money,” Biden said.

His comments can be seen here:

While Democrats will apologize for Biden’s words and say the administration is just preparing for the worst, it is far more likely that the federal public health Mengeles are cooking some more gain-of-function mad science in order to keep America under their satanic thumbs.

Big League Politics has reported on the wicked U.S.-Chinese scientific collusion for research that closely resembles bioweapons:

An industry watchdog has discovered that over 65 mad science experiments were funded by the U.S. taxpayer at the Wuhan virology lab in the lead-up to the global COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

White Coat Waste Project founder Anthony Bellotti appeared on Sky News Australia to talk about how taxpayer-funded research in China was “far more extensive” than the public has been led to believe by Dr. Anthony Fauci and other public health bureaucrats owned by Big Pharma.

“Taxpayers who are forced to pay the bill have no clue what’s going on,” Bellotti said to Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“The extent of what’s going on in China, and specifically the Wuhan lab is much greater than people realize,” he continued. “It is not an isolated incident – the 65 taxpayer funded projects are very real and taxpayers have a right to know who’s paying the bills and who’s cashing the checks for all this misery.”

“There’s zero transparency, zero accountability and zero regard for animal welfare,” Bellotti added…

In a sane and just world, Fauci would be sitting behind bars awaiting trial for crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, the world is far from sane, and the technocracy is on the march to snuff out civil liberties and permanently enact the Orwellian nightmare through a one-world government.

Sometimes Biden accidentally tells the truth in his impaired state. His proclamation that another pandemic en route is seemingly one of those times. The only way the global elite can keep power is through bioterror, and the COVID lab virus was just the beginning.

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