WH Argues Current Recession Isn’t ‘Technically’ a Recession, ‘It Feels Unique, Because It Is Unique’

The White House really wants Americans to believe we are not headed towards (or already in) a recession. So they are spending this week gaslighting the nation with their latest redefined version of the r-word.

Basically, the Biden administration changed all the rules and terms just days before a new GDP report is expected, which many experts anticipate will show growth declines for a second straight quarter.

On Tuesday, the president’s econ advisor Brian Deese was asked to explain the health of the US economy right now. His response? America is facing a “unique” transition. One where residents will have to suffer a little for the foreseeable future until things get better.

Which sounds frighteningly similar to the rhetoric used just before Sri Lanka’s gas rationing crisis.

“Well, we’re in a transition, and it feels unique, because it is unique,” Brian Deese said on MSNBC.

Deese and the White House’s absolute denial of the r-word is sounding alarms because as most Americans are starting to understand, these people are doing all that they can to get ahead of some anticipated politically damaging news later this week.

Per the standard definition, a recession means two negative quarters of GDP growth. Even Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has admitted that.

Despite that, it’s worth noting that Yellen still argues that while “we’re likely to see some slowing of job creation,” the US is not in a recession. Nor does she believe one will be inevitable.

Per the new Biden definition, a recession is comprised of an “assessment of economic activity that is “based on a holistic look at the data—including the labor market, consumer and business spending, industrial production, and incomes.”

Even Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is having a tough time explaining this new redefined terminology to the press – WATCH:

On Monday, the President tried to assure Americans about the US going into a recession. “We’re not gonna be in a recession, in my view,” Biden said on the zoom call with the media.

If you have been following the news this week, then you have seen story after story of the Biden administration doing everything in their power to deny the looming recession that many Americans are fearing.

On top of that, their anxieties are not being reassured, especially because most left-wing talking points this week include the phrase “transitory” and “temporary.” Two key words that have been parroted by Democrat officials throughout the entire bumpy ride of the Biden economy since he became president.

Put differently, Americans do not believe the message.

Further emphasizing the disconnect between the White House and everyday Americans, Bloomberg reported earlier this month that “more than one-third of Americans believe the economy is now in a recession.”

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