BIG BROTHER: Britain Will Punish Social Media Pre-Crime with AI Dragnet on Brexit Deadline Day

The United Kingdom is using state-of-the-art AI bots to track so-called hate speech and punish any wrongthink, and the system will be unveiled on Brexit deadline day, Oct. 31.

“Brexit is one of our test cases to see if hate speech will spike,” said Matthew Williams, who works as a professor at Cargill University.

Cargill University created the software after creating a study that claims so-called hate speech on social media leads to violence. Britain has used the study as an excuse to ramp up their crackdown against digital freedom of expression.

“There has been talk of riots on the streets, and there is an expectation that tensions will bubble up around that date,” Williams said.

The HateLab, which is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, UK Research and Innovation, and the US Department of Justice, will be administering these Twitter bots to surveil social media on Oct. 31.

Britain is already regularly fining and jailing individuals for making social media posts that are deemed inappropriate by authorities, and this AI dragnet is the next phase in their quest to manifest the Orwellian nightmare.

They are already fomenting hysteria over the upcoming Brexit deal deadline, as the British government is ready to use Draconian force to supress the democratic will of the people:

Police have been banned from taking holidays because of riot fears over Brexit.

Twenty-six forces have placed officers on high alert for civil unrest.

Britain is due to leave the EU on October 31.

And West Midlands Police have now cancelled all leave for two months over fears of riots.

Rank and file cops have been told that no holiday requests will be granted until December 5.

Assistant Chief Constable Christ Johnson said: “This is an extraordinary time and we do not know the demands Brexit may bring.”

Staffordshire Police have also imposed a holiday ban for a week from October 28.

The area’s Police Federation secretary Glyn Pattinson said: “We have to plan for every eventuality.”

However a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said they had no plans for a holiday ban.

It comes as Boris Johnson is striking a bullish Brexit stance as he faces another roller-coaster week in the Commons, insisting the UK will still quit the EU in 11 days’ time.

The globalists are becoming more unhinged and tyrannical as power slips away from them, and Britain may be the worst example of once great nations that are being ravaged by their illegitimate occupiers.

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