BIG LEAGUE HERO: Trump Rally Attendee Goes OFF On Tester, Podesta And Feinstein

Joe from Helena, Montana is a three-time President Donald Trump rally attendee and a viewer of all Trump rallies. Joe from Helena gave a post-rally interview with Right Side Broadcasting in which he stood out as a particularly informed MAGA hero.

“Jon Tester, I can’t trust him with a vote on infrastructure. He voted no on my tax cuts…He can’t be trusted with an infrastructure vote,” Joe said.

“I hope the FISA memos and the 302’s and the texts between Comey and McCabe get de-classified,” he said. He also pointed out the Podesta Group ties to Paul Manafort, stating his belief that Manafort is really prepared to testify against Tony Podesta.

Watch Joe From Helena’s valid points (you can then scroll back and watch the entire epic President Trump rally courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting, below. (Joe from Helena Comes In At 3:46:00 If You Get Lost):

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