Big League Politics Is Live At ‘Cinco De Milo’


Former Breitbart staffer Milo Yiannopoulos is set to announce the launch of his own media and touring company Milo Inc. to wage the battles against political correctness that he’s been fighting on college campuses in recent years.

The British activist performer is holding a “Cinco de Milo” launch party in Miami to announce his new effort. Milo has laid low in self-imposed exile since resigning from Breitbart amid a controversy surrounding sexually explicit remarks he made on a podcast, but he reportedly plans to fire up his fans for a new round of anti-PC agitation.

His security crew from his most recent ‘Dangerous Faggot Tour’ is back on board.

Big League Politics reporter Cassandra Fairbanks is on the ground in Miami, ready to cover the festivities.

In Milo’s absence, the free speech battles on campuses have heated up with a new degree of vitriol and fascistic oppression of conservative voices. Writer Ann Coulter’s talk on the UC Berkeley campus was recently canceled, prompting free speech activists to trek to the campus amid threats of violence to read the speech that Coulter was set to give.


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