BIG LEAGUE TV: Challenge in Debbie’s Election Could Show More Voter Problems

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s re-election in the Florida 23rd district is being challenged by Tim Canova, the independent Bernie Sanders supporter who has been fighting against the Democratic Party establishment.

I spoke to Carlos Reyes, a Republican who ran in the primary this year in the district and could run again, and he says there are big problems with the voting machines in Broward County.

Here is Canova announcing his challenge:

Big League Politics reported in a bombshell expose:

Broward County incident reports and photo evidence prove conclusively that Broward County election workers broke the law in numerous instances during the 2018 election. As Broward election supervisor Brenda Snipes fights to hold onto her pension, the conduct of poll workers is coming under scrutiny, including a poll worker at Lauderhill mall, where Snipes’ office is based.

The incident reports describe poll workers telling voters how to vote, touching their ballots, handing out Democratic flyers to voters, allowing people to bring Democrat advertisements inside and to use their phones, and encouraging people to fill out blank spaces on ballots at the scanning machine.

“Voters that according to the machine had already voted were allowed to vote by provisional ballot,” according to a sworn incident report submitted under penalty of perjury.

Big League Politics has obtained the following photographs and incident reports from Nations in Action, an organization that has interviewed eyewitnesses to the crimes including a whistleblower who is willing and ready to testify.

“This was egregious and we support Governor Scott for taking action. We are demanding that a full and transparent investigation into these incident reports be pursued immediately regardless of Brenda Snipes’ status, and that all guilty parties are prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Nations In Action chairman Maria Zack told Big League Politics…

Read the Full Report:

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