BIG LEAGUE TV: Roger Stone Presents Evidence That He Is INNOCENT

Longtime President Trump political adviser Roger Stone gives Big League Politics the latest update in the Robert Mueller case. While Hillary Clinton apparatchik Jeannie Rhee targets Stone for alleged Russia collusion, the legendary Republican strategist is in good spirits.

Stone discusses the text messages that he says prove his innocence (presented below) and talks about what really happened with Jerome Corsi, the writer who is reportedly in plea discussions with Team Mueller.

I reported:

President Donald Trump political adviser Roger Stone appears to be innocent of colluding with anyone, including the Russian government, with regard to his 2016 promotion of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks dump of Democratic National Committee emails.

Was Stone actively colluding with Assange or Putin? Stone says no, his source is named Randy Credico, a comedian and activist who is now going back to talk to Mueller again after Thanksgiving.

Here are the text messages between Stone and Credico, which Stone says clears him of any accusation of Russian collusion.


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