Bill de Blasio Booed off Stage at George Floyd Memorial Event

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio was roundly booed off stage during an appearance at a George Floyd memorial event on Thursday, with a raucous crowd drowning out the mayor’s remarks with boos and a torrent of profanity.

A Brooklyn pastor tried to encourage the crowd to treat de Blasio with respect, but he was roundly booed anyway.

De Blasio continued with his remarks, even though it was clear the crowd at the memorial didn’t want to hear from him. At points he couldn’t even be heard because the booing was so loud.

De Blasio’s as left-wing as they come, but he’s become increasingly unpopular in New York City for his handling of the Floyd race riots, which have surfaced in force in the already coronavirus-stricken city. Some New Yorkers are incensed with the curfew instituted to deter looting, and others are angry with the city’s total inability to deter the looting anyway. Governor Andrew Cuomo has already threatened to override de Blasio’s authority in order to put an end to the mass-scale rioting and looting in the city.

More than 700 rioters were arrested on Monday night alone, and more than 60 NYPD officers had to be hospitalized as a result of injuries sustained in the riots. The police department has increasingly given up on the prospect of restoring law and order in New York City, frustrated by de Blasio’s continual refusal to allow law enforcement to actually stop the widespread riots.

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