Bill Gates-Affiliated GAVI Vaccine Alliance Starts Attacking Online Memes

GAVI Vaccine Alliance, an international organization boosting vaccines, is now targeting memes. This group is connected to multi-billionaire Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The latter has made various donations to GAVI, totaling $4.1 billion as of late. 

GAVI wants to reclassify memes as “health disinformation super-spreaders.” For this pro-vax organization, memes are able to circumvent “fact checkers and content moderators.” 

In a blog post published on GAVI’s website, it said the following: “Our research shows that memes form part of a highly sophisticated strategy to spread and monetize health disinformation.”

GAVI continued sounding off against memes in the post: 

“Influencers promoting vaccine hesitancy use memes to build their online following, sow distrust of health authorities and profit from the promotion of unapproved medicines. This enables them to evade responsibility for any negative consequences of their messaging.”

The pro-vaccine organization did not stop bashing memes declaring that : “Memes may not look threatening – but that’s why they are such effective super spreaders of health disinformation.”

The powers that be hate memes and the potential threat they pose to the regime narratives. That’s one of the reasons the ruling class has turned to Big Tech and non-profit organizations to police online speech. 

A proper right-wing regime would do everything possible to rein in the toxic influence of Big Tech entities and NGOs. We can’t afford to continue letting these organizations undermine our freedoms. 

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