Bill Gates Gushes Over India’s Digital ID System As a Model for Other Nations To Embrace

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates recently endorsed India’s digital ID system .

This type of system is generally referred to as digital public infrastructure (DPI). Such a system for digital ID and payments is expressed to be rolled out by 2030.

Gates recently paid a visit to India, and in a blog post before heading to the South Asian nation he noted that the Gates Foundation is involved in what he described “efforts that are saving millions of lives.”

With respect to DPI, Gates manifested his “admiration” for the country’s vast biometric identity DPI program, Aadhaar, and the fact that north of 12 billion transactions are facilitated by it.

The Microsoft founder has a particular fetish for agriculture. He visited a monitoring center where Aadhaar links with agriculture. Didi Rankovic of Reclaim the Net, noted that the government uses the center in Odisha, which has a registry of 7.5 million farmers, to provide farmers them with “real-time guidance.”

“Officials can keep track of who is growing what,” Gates added, but he claims that this is done for the purpose of giving those farmers “advice.” 

Projects such as DPI tend to be tested in countries in the Global South. Such ventures received financial backing from supranational institutions such as the World Bank.  

Gates noted that the developments concerning the implementation of DPI in Odisha are overseen by the World Bank, in addition to Ethiopia and Sri Lanka, with the ostensive of being replicated in those countries. 

In the fall of 2023, the United National Development Program (UNDP) rolled out a campaign titled “50-in-5” that aims to “help” 50 countries “design, launch, and scale components of their digital public infrastructure.”

The Gates Foundation is a partner in this program, where it is allegedly designed to advance “safe, inclusive and interoperable DPI” introduction in those countries.

When the campaign was first rolled out, India was marketed as a “success story” in the realm of DPIs, whereas Africa was deemed as a specific target for “greater development of DPI.”

What Gates is praising here is the embodiment of globalist technocracy. Such schemes go against everything the US stands for. 

Hopefully, Americans completely reject these wacky policies and start considering more pro-freedom options such as cryptocurrencies and federalism instead.

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