Bill Gates Poured $200 Million in Digital ID Ventures 

According to a post by Frank Bergman of Slay News, Microsoft co-founder and globalist “philanthropist” Bill Gates is investing $200 million in ventures that aim to snoop on people’s individual movements via digital IDs.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation dialed up its investment in digital ID ventures as a part of a broader $1.27 billion package. 

The foundation claims that this package is designed to aid “global health and development projects.”

$200 million of the $1.27 billion funding will go to digital public infrastructure, which includes civil registry databases and digital ID systems. 

This announcement came in the wake of the annual “Goalkeepers Report.” This report provides a yearly assessment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).

The UN established a goal (goal 16.9) for a global legal identity, which is expected to be reached in 2030.

However, the report conceded that the world will not reach that deadline by 2030.

For the globalists to realize this goal, digital identity programs are allegedly needed.

Bergman noted that the 2019 Goalkeepers Report gave lavish praise to biometrics as a critical technology that’s needed to ensure the equitable redistribution of resources in developing nations. 

The $200 million that Gates ponied up will prop up data sharing systems and payment systems that are interoperable in nature, per Bergman’s analysis.

In addition, the Gates Foundation backs various digital ID programs and similar ventures, which includes the MOSIP, an open-source digital ID platform. 

Digital IDs are the next step towards creating a global panopticon where countless people’s basic behavior will be monitored by corporations and governments. On top of that, such programs will allow for the ruling class to further micromanage people’s private decisions — spanning everyday purchases to their healthcare choices — and use it as a way to modify their behavior accordingly. For example, political dissidents could effectively be shut out of many services simply for taking positions that go against the grain. 

Rootless oligarchs like Gates pose a major threat to the national integrity of polities like the United States. America First nationalists will have to rein these individuals in if we want to preserve our country’s national character and sovereignty. Blindly trusting the private sector is a recipe for national suicide. 

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