Bill Kristol Attacks Trump for Praising U.S. Servicemen

The editor-at-large of the soon-to-be defunct Weekly Standard attacked President Donald J. Trump for praising students of the Naval Academy and West Point in a Sunday morning Tweet.

“If you genuinely respect those who serve and have served in the U.S. military, you’re repulsed by Trump’s fanboy military cheerleading. The kids playing in the Army-Navy game are impressive young men. As they’d be the first to say, they’re not ‘heroes.’ Trump cheapens everything,” said Trump-hating curmudgeon Bill Kristol.

Trump had sent an earlier Tweet calling it an “honor” to attend the annual Army/Navy football game, and calling the players, who are U.S. Servicemen, “heroes.” According to Kristol, who is blinded by disdain for Trump, they are not.

Kristol’s comment drew the ire of political commentators and other sane Twitter users.

“Imagine being so deranged by hatred of Trump that you feel compelled to attack him for praising those who attend the nation’s military service academies,” said Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist.

“I was there-tremendous cheers for him only surpassed by cheers for Sec Mattis. The reception he received surely didn’t fit your sour narrative,” said a user called @drspigot.

Kristol has been a Trump critic since he announced his candidacy for president, likely a cause of the downfall of his once-respected news magazine. Kristol, whose main beef with Trump is that he does not view the 45th President as a “true conservative,” recently founded a “conservative” non-profit called “Republicans for the Rule of Law,” which is funded by a leftist billionaire.

All in a days work for Kristol, who might consider packing it in before he forever tarnishes what is left of his legacy.

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