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Bill-O Out At Fox



Bill O’Reilly has been pushed out of his 8 pm timeslot at Fox News after more than 20 years following allegations of sexual harassment levelled against him. O’Reilly denied the allegations but nevertheless got fired by Rupert Murdoch’s sons James and Lachlan, who are looking for a new direction for the network. Tucker Carlson has taken over the 8 pm slot voided by O’Reilly.


Mandalorian Co-Star Bill Burr Slams Cancellation of Gina Carano: “F****** Crazy Time”

Carano’s castmate spoke against Disney’s purge of Carano.



Comedian and actor Bill Burr slammed Disney for betraying ‘Mandalorian’ actress Gina Carano late last month, likening the leftist purge as “f***** crazy time.”

Carano was fired by Disney from the Mandalorian for voicing opposition to left-wing tyranny on her personal instagram. Carano had compared left-wing cancel culture mobs to street thuggery seen in Nazi Germany, in which members of the Nazi SA enacted terror campaigns targeting their political opponents.

Burr also described Carano, a former MMA fighter, as the model castmate. Burr had appeared in season 1 of the Mandalorian, a show which some had pointed to as the most creative title to be produced in Disney’s Star Wars productions. With the show thoroughly established as a left-wing project in the aftermath of Carano’s firing, it’s likely the production will go downhill.

“I’m on that f—-ing show. Now I gotta watch what the f—- I say,said Burr on Joe DeRosa’s comedy podcast Feb. 24. “She was an absolute sweetheart. Super-nice f—-ing person and, you know, whatever.

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Burr went on to liken the online mob that had demanded Disney fire Carano to paranoid stalkers.

There’s people just waiting, just laying in the weeds. … How about you just be an individual, and you continue to buy tickets to people who you wanna go see?

Unfortunately, Burr, a longtime friend of chimpanzee enthusiast and podcaster Joe Rogan, may have placed himself next on the chopping block for mobs of left-wing crybabies demanding that actors and public figures be purged from the liberal entertainment industry.

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