Birmingham Mayor Believes Taking Guns Off the Streets is the Secret to Solving the City’s Growing Gun Violence Problems

With very few exceptions, metro areas ranging from internationally renowned cities to medium-sized cities in America have been absorbed by the monolithic progressive culture that dominates academia, corporate boardrooms, and the general culture.

Similarly, these cities are witnessing a generalized increase in overall crime rates. And that’s a product of the progressive criminal justice policies these cities have embraced. Again, public policy has real world consequences.

Birmingham, Alabama is one of those cities that has witnessed a notable surge in crime that’s now prompting Mayor Randall Woodfin to call for gun control to address this issue.

According to a CBS 42 report, from January 1, 2022 until the end of August, Birmingham Police have investigated 90 homicides. Of those homicides, 83 involved the use of firearms.

In Woodfin’s view, getting firearms off the streets will somehow magically resolve Birmingham’s growing crime problems.

“I wake up every day thinking how can we address this [gun violence]?” Woodfin questioned.

The Birmingham mayor was adamant about the need for passing bans on so-called “assault weapons.”

“If you can’t support this ban that’s un-American because the whole idea is public safety,” Woodfin stated. “Federal tax dollars, state tax dollars, local tax dollars, the root of what we do is public safety first.”

Woodfin’s calls for gun bans to fight crime are rather unconvincing. The common threads in many urban centers nationwide are diverse populations, which tend to lead to more social tension, and lax policing and criminal justice policies that allow for hardened criminals to get back on the streets and terrorize people.

If these urban politicians truly wanted to solve urban crime problems, they would give the likes of George Soros the cold shoulder and elect mayors, council members, and district attorneys who actually believe in common sense law enforcement and criminal justice policies — aka locking up real criminals for long periods of time. Gun control will do nothing to solve these problems.

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