BIZARRE: Biden Recounts Being Arrested After Trespassing in Senate Chamber in Old Video

President Joe Biden recounts being arrested in a resurfaced bizarre video, describing an incident in which he trespassed in the US Senate chamber and sat in the presiding officer’s chair. Biden was a 21-year old civilian at the time.

Biden spoke of the bizarre incident during an appearance on David Letterman’s show in July of 2007, when he was running as a Democratic candidate for President against Barack Obama.

In amusing fashion, Biden’s action as a 21-year old trespasser seem reminiscent of events during the raucous January 6th protest at the Capitol. The so-called ‘Q Shaman’ also entered the presiding Senate officer’s chair, and has since been charged with unlawfully entering the Capitol building and riot offenses.

The trespassing arrest must’ve taken place in 1962 or 1963, well before modern-day terrorism and the decline of social trust in US society mandated sweeping security restrictions in buildings such as the US Capitol. Biden didn’t face charges after his trespassing arrest. If he had tried such a thing in this century, he’d almost assured face greater scrutiny, although the Democratic Party is notorious for its double standards regarding criminal riots.

Biden has little to no grounds to demand aggressive prosecution of people who walked into the Capitol building and walked around aimlessly, considering he admitted to doing as such himself without facing any consequences.

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