Black Biden Voter Sounds Off Against Migrant Crisis

During an appearance on the TOBT show, a black resident of Chicago who voted for President Joe Biden was livid about the migrant invasion at the southern border. The audience member was perturbed by how the government is spending massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to shelter migrants that were transported into the city. 

“Our taxpayers, we already paid $32 million out of our taxes to house and take care of the migrants thus far,” she stated. “Now, we already know the only ones who qualify to become citizens in asylum here if they were here after August. They don’t even qualify. Here, we’re gonna be taking care of them for five to seven years while this paperwork floating on people’s desks and why? Send them home! Send them back! Venezuela already said, ‘Oh we’re not taking them back.’”

However, one of the show hosts argued that this disgruntled audience member is partially to blame for the migrant crisis.

“I got a question for you,” one of the hosts stated. “Who did you vote for?”

“I have no problem with saying that I did vote for Biden because I was not voting — here it is,” the female audience member remarked. 

“Hold on, hold on, this migrant influx that we’re dealing with right now is your fault,” the host stated.

North of 37,000 migrants have arrived in Chicago since August 21, 2022, per the city of Chicago’s dashboard. The city has set up 23 temporary congregate shelters since then to provide shelter to the migrants, which includes space at the O’Hare Airport. Due to the overwhelming costs of accommodating these migrants, city authorities have started  to evict thousands of migrants from the city and state shelters.

The Village of Oak Park, a Chicago suburb, declared a state of emergency when over 100 migrants arrived for the alleged purpose of receiving shelter during winter time. 

The migrant crisis emerged when Biden was installed in office in January 2021. The number of migrant encounters increased from north of  400,000 during former President Donald Trump’s last year in office to over 1.7 million in fiscal year  2021 fiscal year. Encounters surpassed 2 million in fiscal years 2022 and 2023, and have reached close to 1 million in  fiscal year 2024, per Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Despite blacks being hooked to voting for Democrats due to the anti-white nature of the party, they should at least reconsider supporting mass migration due to how it places downward pressure on their wages while also creating massive ethnic tensions. 

However, this will require blacks to start engaging in introspection and doing their political homework so that they can make informed political decisions. 

A tall order if there ever was one. 

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